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Maximising Human Productivity!

by linking passion, instincts and reason.

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A Team of Certified Experts.

"Leveraging Instincts Europe" are all independent Kolbe Certified Consultants, incorporating conation in our work whenever appropriate and possible. We create long lasting change and transformation, achieving sustainable superior results by enriching work with conative insights and concepts. We do this to the highest possible standards.

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YOur LEveraging Instincts EURope COnsultants.

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Patrick Lybaert
Ghent, Belgium


Judith White

Vienna, Austria


Joop Stroes

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Anand Raj Bhandari
Hamburg, Germany


Dr. Madeleine De HaukE
Brussels, Belgium

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Alexis Deboosere
Paris, France

Kolbe corp

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"The instinctive ability to excel is within each of us."
-Kathy KolbE

"Do more. More naturally."
-KolbeCON 2020

“The Kolbe Wisdom is giving us the chance to really make a difference to personal productivity here in Europe, aiding our understanding of ourselves and each other, whatever our cultural diversity.” 

Stephen Booy, Ph.D.

Linking passion, instincts and reason.


We give individuals, teams, relationships and organisations a better understanding of themselves, providing essential insights on how to use of their instinctive strengths which will help them to unlock their potential, and achieve peak performance.

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